Friday, 30 June 2017

SEO: A simple marketing tactic or a complicated technology!

It is rather a tough task to survive as a startup; as a matter of fact, some of them may fail in the first year itself, while many more cannot be sustained beyond a boundary of five years. Adapting to the latest technology, is a key to its survival; which is true even for many of the established brands as well, apart from startups. It has been statistically analyzed that online marketing tools, if implemented properly can have a strong search engine visibility and lasting relationship with the local and international customers.

As is being rightly said that 21st century is an era of digital marketing, which can play a leading role in deciding a future of your business. In this regard, the article is intended to provide an information about some of the SEO related strategies.

What is SEO?

SEO is rather a complex discipline with multiple layers, wherein different types of strategies may be operational and are found to be influential for business. Accordingly, the best way to look at it is to find out a solution for on page optimization, local SEO, mobile optimization, content optimization, key word searches, etc.

Accordingly, multiple companies are operational in cities like Delhi; and it would rather be a tough choice to choose SEO service provider. Lot of groundwork is mandatory to choose the best SEO in Delhi, such as whether it has a good reputation and customer review, whether the SEO company really does some digging or just work superficially, Is the team well experienced with wide variability in technical ground, etc. Understanding answers for these questions can have better influence on business.

For startups, the primary areas to be considered through SEO perception can be:

·      Website: - A well-structured, informative and mobile responsive website is an essential platform to spread information about your business and future plans. In this regard, there are various Website Designing Company in Delhi that are functional with variable expertise.

·     Content: - For a website to be readable and interesting; an informative content, briefing about your business and services is a ‘must have’.

·       Content Marketing: - Informational blogs can be marketed for widespread audience

·  On page optimization: -Basic on page optimization should be done to understand business requirements, customers and credibility.

Thus, SEO although seems to be very simple, is rather a complicated technology. To understand the functional attributes of the said technology, it is required to understand better market requirement, reachability, experience and an intelligence to make the right decisions, on right time.